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    We are off to GIS Career Day again!

    Dear students,

    Want to know the latest trends on Geo-information Science and the workfield? Join us on Thursday 14th at the GIMA NODE GIS Career Day.

    Registration is complete by filling out the personality questionnaire, which you will receive after completing the form on the right.

    While enjoying workshops and presentations with good company, you can explore Geo companies in The Netherlands. Voort will give a presentation on the GIS workfield and a workshop on how your personality fits which field and company best.

    Workshop by Voort: “Dive and Thrive in the GIS World”

    Are you a GIMA student unsure about which role or company best suits you? Explore the geospatial working field at our workshop, “Dive and Thrive,” where a GIS consultant will share his careersteps. If you are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree but are contemplating the GIMA master’s program, don’t hesitate to join us. You are more than welcome to discover your (possible) future work field!

    Make a well-considered decision by gaining an overview of company cultures and tasks associated with GIS roles. This workshop will provide you with a good idea of whether a GIS career or the GIMA master’s program is the right path for you.

    At the end of the workshop there is some time for personal coaching based on your personality analysis, which you completed before entering the presentation/workshop. We compare your analysis with the positions of company cultures, roles, and responsibilities, providing insight into your potential best match based on your personality.


    • Introduction by Voort and participants
    • Overview of GIS companies throughout the country and a range of training courses
    • Discussion on GIS roles in non-GIS companies
    • Presentation from a GIS specialist: “Who Are Your Colleagues?”
    • Qualities sought in the GIS field
    • Personality analysis matching and coaching


    Every year Voort trains 100 professionals with talent programs in combination with an assignment at clients like Provincie Noord-Brabant, Gemeente Rotterdam and Schiphol. In addition to that fun assignment, the year consists of twelve training days with 8 colleagues from the field and you will continue to be paid during the courses.