Your career

Your development is the main thing at Voort. Working out the path together that will let you get the best out of yourself.


The focus is on you, right from the start. Who are you? What drives you? What are your goals? And above all, how can we achieve them, together? We use that as the basis for looking at the market. We will see which client suits you and which projects you could flourish on. After getting to know you, we will look for the right place for you.

On interview

We will give you the best possible guidance between the intake and the interview with the client. We will help you prepare and we will go with you for the talks with the client. If both you and the client are positive, we will start up the application process. That is then concluded with a discussion about the terms and conditions of employment.


Welcome! Your career with Voort is now starting. The coming months will give you an opportunity to learn a huge amount. We won’t throw you in at the deep end, but we need you not to be afraid of being challenged either. We will evaluate where you are once every three months. Whether you’re progressing in the direction you had in mind.

  • 1 month: probationary period
  • 3 months: evaluation
  • 6 months: evaluation
  • 12 months: contract discussion

What next?

There are various options after one year. An extension or employment by the client. Depending on the project and (of course) on what you want, we look at how to continue after your first year.

New project

Do you enjoy variety? After one challenge, do you like getting your teeth into the next? Or do you want to find out where your strengths are, by building up experience with a number of clients? Voort can do that too.


It’s not the technology that is constantly developing: it’s the people. Progress means keeping creating opportunities, for yourself and for each other. Our goal is to let you get the best out of yourself. At Voort, you’re never standing still.

Voort Academy

At Voort, you’ve never finished learning. If you want to keep your technical knowledge up to scratch or want to explore new fields of work, then you can give your own development a boost with one of the training courses or programmes at the Voort Academy.