At Voort, the learning never ends. That’s why we have the Voort Academy. So you can work on your own development. And continue to grow. We offer our professionals a wide variety of technical and personal courses on all levels. Because progress is not something that comes about of its own accord.

Technical courses

Voort Academy offers a number of technical courses, like Systems Engineering, Asset management, or NEN 1010. These aim to increase your substantive knowledge. We cooperate with qualified instructors and experienced coaches. So you can be sure of a good course. The courses are evaluated every year and the contents enhanced according to recent developments in the field. New courses are added annually.

Personal courses

Additional to technical courses, it is also possible to take personal courses at the Voort Academy. The main focus lies on gaining and/or improving your personal skills. Some popular courses are for instance Effective communication and Time management. By working on your personal skills, you can get a better handle on your own functioning.

The advantages of Voort Academy

Voort professionals can take a course of their own choosing. But why choose a course at the Voort Academy? There are several advantages:

  • 3 complimentary courses a year.
  • Guidance by experienced coaches and teachers.
  • Small groups of 8 to 12 participants, so there’s time enough for individual attention.
  • Networking with your colleagues and getting to know one another better.
  • The courses include proof of participation, course material, and catering.
  • Acquired knowledge can be put into practice immediately.