We consider growth to be very important. We want to guide our professionals to the next level. But that isn’t always easy. You might have different questions crossing your mind that make it hard to work on your own development. Questions like:

  • What direction do I envision for my future?
  • Do I have the right skills?
  • How do I find joy in my work?
  • What are my interests?

For these people, Voort has a so-called coaching program. So they can get to know themselves better and learn what their strengths and areas of improvement are. And they too can continue to grow.

The coaching program

The program consists of two interviews with a personal coach of Human Connection. The homework and first interview are used to determine what is going on. During the second interview, that information is used to start working on concrete areas of improvement.

A step in the right direction

By entering the coaching program, you take a step in the right direction. But the proper follow up is also important. Your own Voort consultant helps you out by encouraging the professional to consciously work on his or her own development. And by looking at which Voort Academy course is fitting. So they can continue to grow as a professional and as a person.