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Because you want to grow, either by exploring topics in depth or by covering the breadth of your field.

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  • Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when people want to innovate. When they want to be fully aware of the developments in their field. Or want to stand out by acquiring knowledge in multiple fields. That’s why our professionals get a yearly budget of €1250,- to invest in their own development. And at the Voort Academy our professionals also have the opportunity to participate in courses, study programs and coaching. To increase their knowledge and improve their skills.


    The Voort Academy training catalogue comprises both personal and technical courses. These courses have different levels – from beginner to advanced and even expert. The personal courses let you find out what motivates you and what your strengths are. Technical training courses let you expand your knowledge. The courses focus on specific professional areas. We’re working with renowned teaching facilities and the courses are taught by experienced instructors. Every year the current courses are evaluated and adapted to recent developments within the market. And new courses are added to the catalogue.

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    Study programs

    Did you recently finish your studies? And are you eager to get started with a job? The Young professional program can be the best start of your career. You’ll learn more about a specific field, while you also enhance your personal skills. It’s an ideal combination of experience based learning. You start a job and at the same time you keep working on your development with the personal and technical courses of the program.

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    Not everyone has a clear view of what they want to learn or which skills to improve. For those professionals our coaching program might be an option. You schedule an appointment with one of the trained coaches, to get more insight in your own skills and perseveration. Together with your coach you’ll get started with the findings. And work to practical solutions to achieve personal growth and development.

    Do you have any questions about the Voort Academy? Feel free to contact us.

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