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  • Follow a study? Specialise further? Use your training budget! You know the best you want to develop yourself. And who knows, you have already started the preliminary investigation into other possibilities.

    In addition to the courses

    The training courses of the Voort Academy change every year. In doing so, we look at current developments in the market. And of course we listen to our professionals. What do they think of the courses and which ones do they miss. But it is not possible for us to put every course on the agenda. Fortunately, you have the training budget for that!

    A budget for your development

    Every year you get a training budget of € 1250 to use for training or education. Nice to have, right? You can use this in addition to the 3 free courses of the Academy. So did you see an interesting training? Or a course that makes your heart beat faster? Or is there a study you want to start with? Tell your consultant and ask for your budget!