We’ve got 1000+ technical jobs. Find yours.

We’ve got 1000+ technical jobs. Find yours.

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FAQ. This is what you get at Voort.

Do I become an employee of Voort?

Yes, you become an employee of Voort and we will place you at one of our clients. We’ll make sure that your job meets your wishes and ambitions. After all, you want to grow! You will be in charge and you’ll have the certainty of a good contract. We are a secondment agency, that’s different from an employment agency. With us you have the same conditions as with any other employer. Your salary is the same and your conditions just as good.

What kind of contract do I get?

You’ll get a normal labor contract (no temporary employment contract), so you’ll have the same certainties as if you were working directly for our client. Your salary is the same and your conditions just as good. The duration of your contract can differ. Do you want a contract for a year or for the duration of a project? Every possibility is on the table.

How high is my salary?

People often think that working for a secondment agency means that you will earn less. That’s a wrong assumption. On the contrary, it’s forbidden by law. You will receive a competitive salary based on education, development, workingskills, talent and ambitions. Just like you would get if you were to be working directly for the client.

How many holidays do I get?

You will get at least 25 holidays based on a full time job. Other days of are based on the Collective Labor Agreement of our client.

How will Voort help me in the proces?

You’ll have one consultant arranging everything for you. He or she is always ready to answer your questions. Your consultant will also call you on a regular basis to talk about how you are doing. You’ll get advise and information about development opportunities. Your consultant will also guide you with job interviews and your (online) profile.

Which development opportunities do I have?

With Voort you can go anyway you want. Our Voort Academy offers you 30 training opportunities. Boost your technical and personal skills. You can choose 3 trainings a year for free. Apart from that you’ll get a budget of € 1.500,- that you can use in consideration with your consultant and client. Do you have 0 – 3 years experience? Then choose one of our talent programs that you can do next to your job. After only one year you will be a specialist in your workfield. Do you have other needs? Talk about them with your consultant and we will see where we can meet them.

Which carreer opportunities do I have?

You want to grow. We get that. That’s why we want to help you with your carreer plans. Are you ready to take the next step? A lot of professionals work via Voort for different clients. This way they develop their knowledge and skills. Switching is a lot easier when you work for a secondment agency. Via Voort you can also grow in the same company when the opportunity is there.

How does the application process go?

First we get to know each other. Together we talk about your talents, ambitions and wishes. If you don’t know yet, that’s not a problem. We know the technical job market like the back of our hand. So we will be able to give you advice. Then we’ll find one or more companies for you. Who you are and what you want is the most important in this process. We’ll match you according to your talents, ambitions and corporate culture. This way you will be right in place with our client. When you are okay with it, we will introduce you. Our client will invite you to a job interview. Off course we will prepare this with you. Are you positive? And so is our client? Then  congratulations with your new job via Voort!