Growth is the focal point for us. And you grow by learning. An employment contract with Voort means you will build up a broad range of experience quickly, as well as having plenty of training opportunities.

Professional – Annual contract

Being a professional with Voort means you are employed by us, but that you work for one or more clients. The employment is a contract for at least one year. An extension or a permanent contract, employed by us or by the client. Depending on the project and (of course) on what you want, we look at how to continue after your first year.

Voort Academy

A Voort professional is curious and always wants to keep learning. That’s what the Voort Academy is for. Personalised training with professional content, so that you will be able to excel.

The benefits of Voort

  • We are genuinely interested in you and will pay attention to you
  • You get plenty of opportunities for training and courses
  • We offer both large and small projects
  • You benefit from our nationwide network